Case study

HYRO: Clean Energy for Heavy Industry

It all started with an email on a Friday. A brand new website was required, not quite sure of the content yet, but they had a logo. The site was needed live in 2 weeks and it’s purpose was to explain the excellent work that Octopus Renewables are doing with Hydrogen generation for big industry, this is the type of industry that can’t just switch to electricity, we’re talking aluminium  smelters and heavy industry currently reliant on fossil fuels.

Key tasks

Brand development

Site Design


Design & build, A team effort

The site needed to be impactful, explain the process of Hydrogen generation using on-brand infographics and to get it live we’d need designs signed off in a week from delivering our quote and the site build in the following week.

A quick turnaround

Thankfully, following our initial meeting, Dean nailed the designs pretty much first time around and we then were able to put our very keen (then new) front-end dev Radu on to the task of building the site. Since this was a first iteration of the site - content didn't need to be managed so we decided to go for a Netlify hosting solution and build a single page Next.Js application. After pulling a few late nights the site was delivered on Friday of the following week.

Rebuilt in Wordpress

Once the initial requirement was delivered on we then went through a more considered design phase and scope out some additional features that they wanted to build into a more long-term project. This phase was built over a 6 week development period and ended up as a site delivered in Wordpress. Packed full of our original animated SVGs the site serves as a useful platform for the team at Octopus Renewables to tell the world about their Green Hydrogen Generation.

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