The Schoen Clinic

Shoulders, knees and toes.

The Schoen Clinic is an established German hospital group that opened up in the UK in 2018. It now runs 4 hospitals in the UK, including a specialist orthopaedic hospital within the Harley Street medical area in central London.

The Schoen Clinic is an established German hospital group that opened up in the UK in Autumn 2018.  Beginning with a state-of-the-art specialist orthopaedic hospital in the Harley Street medical district in central London, the Schoen Clinic has ambitious plans to disrupt the UK private healthcare market. It has already opened 4 hospitals in the UK.

We started working with the Schoen Clinic in Summer 2018. To make an impact online within the already crowded London private healthcare market was quite a challenge. We started with an aggressive SEO campaign, determining the competitor rankings and establishing what keywords would prove the most valuable for our campaign.

We soon realised that we in fact needed to rebuild their UK site entirely in order to compete. Rebuild is putting too fine a point on it, we actually needed to rewrite, restructure, redesign and relaunch, and we needed to do this quickly, we were given 6 weeks.

We started off with creating a new site structure and then optimising page content within this. We built content blueprints based on our research to ensure that all content on the site would be relevant. Since this is a site to serve multiple UK hospitals we needed both the design and the site to be flexible and able to adapt to future requirements. The specification phase of this drew on all of our collective experience to deliver a solution that was optimised from the outset and delivered on time.

The design of the site offered a perfectly-pitched tone of voice that inspired the marketing team. This has since been adopted by the German team for use on their sites. We were able to build the using the excellent Pimcore CMS. We successfully managed to avert any drop in SEO value when moving to the new site as can happen without proper planning.

The site went live in mid-December, has been received well and is achieving excellent rankings. It comprises a main UK site and 4 specialist hospital sites. Everything from the content to code has been produced from scratch and follows our roadmap. This year has seen us produce multiple campaigns, launching new hospital sites and create video campaigns for use on the site and social media. Check out the Ski Injury Centre, or the Running Injury Clinic, and the videos we produced with our friends on the mews at Other Finger Films.

If you’ve got a sore knee, or want to take a look at what we’ve done, visit Watch out for many more campaigns and achievements throughout the year.