The Chemical Brothers

Delivering with big bells on

A new site with each new album. That makes four sites in eight years. Each built to showcase the duo’s albums, live shows and community. Each site has been made to improve upon the last, integrating with social media, encouraging fans to actively participate in Chemical goings on.

For the past 8 years we’ve been working on digital strategy for The Chemical Brothers

The site has won several awards, including the BT Digital Award. What’s more it has featured in Google’s marketing for innovative use of its maps. The site continues to push boundaries and remains a place where Chemical Brothers fans can find out up to the minute news. Integrating heavily with social media the site is a place where photos of gigs are pulled in from Instagram alongside Tweets from fans. This way of doing things ensured that the site is kept up to date with minimal effort from management.

All of the gig listings are all pulled in from Facebook, this means we can pull in photos of those fans attending and also ensures that the content is centralised. The whole site is tied up in a continuous scrolling interface that allows for splash areas to be easily swapped in or out to align with the latest marketing campaign.

We needed a fresh feel and we needed to bring a whole new level of information, audio, access, involvement and excitement to our site! 3ev have risen to the challenge to bring something new to the party and delivered with big bells on… nice one, sorted!
Tom Rowlands, The Chemical Brothers