Systems for travel

Booking systems for travel need to be built in collaboration. The right booking system can affect all the users involved, and lay the basis for something everyone wants to use; your team, your suppliers and your customers.

Travel is about relationships

Selling in the travel industry is about building relationships and understanding what your customers want before they know they want it. The relationship doesn’t start or end with the booking, but runs from a customer’s first interaction with you through to the follow up after the holiday.

To help your business, your booking system, CRM and other analytics platforms should be fully integrated. The CRM increases bookings, the increased booking data helps you hone your offering and gives you deep insight into what customers are looking for.

Many booking systems see making the booking as enough. It isn’t. You need to consider analytics, conversion tracking, tax, and so much more. But you need to bake into it, customer relationship management – CRM.

All users are mobile

The growth in users and revenue on mobile dwarfs that on desktop. A billion more people will come online by 2020 due to smartphones. Many people are leapfrogging fixed-line and desktop, going straight to mobile. The increase in time online between 2013 and 2015 was due to mobile web and mobile apps.

If you aren’t on mobile, your customers won’t find you and as time goes by won’t use you. Customers are now more comfortable searching and buying on mobile and tablets, this shift has happened faster than any other shift in computing history, and it’s pulling the rug out from under the feet of many existing systems. It’s doing this because mobile cannot just be added on.

For this reason, we have a team which spans back-office database management for the bookings with designers who understand the importance of sleek user experience on mobile. Users expect to do less but get the same result.

Faster. Easier.

Your booking system has to integrate with the search on your website and apps. We know that speed matters. Every second your page is loading or your search is running is costing you sales. If your pages don’t load in consistently low times, you have a problem.

Managing travel bookings at scale is a complex task. The right platform will give you faster, more relevant search results – a perennial problem for many travel sites.

No system is an island

Successful companies create a careful mix of technologies by integrating services.  We integrate with multiple holiday listing sites, getting your inventory out to more people and bringing you more bookings.

We recognise that the right booking system should give you:

  • Higher conversion rates through analytics, tracking users and access to all the data to expand and improve your inventory
  • Less time spent administering, bringing the ability to manage more destinations and bookings.
  • Detailed reporting on every stage of property management and booking conversion.

Choosing the wrong booking system can bring exactly the opposite.