Sing Up

Getting the whole place singing!

Sing Up is a project that emerged from the government’s manifesto to get more kids singing. We have worked on evolving their platform over the past ten years. 2019 has seen the entire site undergo an extensive upgrade and redesign, scheduled to launch in 2020.

From its beginnings in 2008, the site has grown from being a publicly-funded project to a private company with an international foothold. The rationale has remained consistent, to encourage the teaching of the curriculum through song.

Based on a subscription model, the most popular part of the website is the Songbank, which works as a collaborative music player, enabling the sharing, streaming and download of a growing library of songs. Anyone can create and share playlists, and the song player, even allows for different variants of songs to be played, along with their scores.

Currently averaging 13,000 daily users and growing daily, the Sing Up site is used by over 96% of primary schools in the UK and has a growing global membership.It plays a major role in getting children singing.

Technically, the site is a good demonstration of how our skills in Magento, Salesforce and TYPO3 and how we get them all singing together.

We have been working with 3ev for ten years during which time they have carried out extensive development to enable us to move from a free to paid-for service. As a digital company it is vital to us that our developers have a deep understanding of our business, which 3ev certainly have. They’ve supported the growth of our business not just through web development but also with consultancy services and the integration of Salesforce.
Michelle James, Chief Executive, Sing Up