Move faster, build richer experiences with serverless technology

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Serverless: focus on what matters

In all sectors, serverless technology is enabling companies to reduce costs, execute faster and build richer, more engaging user experiences.

By leveraging a rich world of platforms, serverless architecture focuses all the engineering effort on making a difference to your business.

We help our clients by integrating existing systems and platforms like Salesforce, AWS, finance and booking systems with web and native iOS/android applications.

Lowering the barriers
Traditional projects require you to provision servers, configure them and ensure backups and monitoring are running. You find a platform to build on and build out the project, starting with the basic infrastructure of the project.

This is still the norm in many areas, but serverless technology enables you to leapfrog these steps and jump straight to the valuable parts of the project: getting data moving and building rich experiences.

Serverless allows us to lower the barrier to getting your project off the ground. Building rich clients instead of complex infrastructure.

Build richer experiences
Building the kind of rich and engaging experiences users expect, you need to start with deep and detailed data, realtime data flows and integration between many systems.

Our experience building rich experiences enables us to bring in content and data from your existing systems, customer details from backoffices systems combined with other sources all coordinated using serverless.

Get more of what you have
You have a huge amount of data and functionality sitting in your existing databases and on your existing systems. Every one of these systems has ways of connecting.

We’re able to breakout the potential of the data and functionality, bringing more benefits from existing technology and platform investments.

Be it pulling data from CRMs, synchronising data from billing systems to project management systems or whatever case you bring to us, the tools available now enable you to get more out of what you already have. There’s no reason to hold back.

Move faster
Every business has a backlog of ideas. Of projects which would be nice to do, but the budgets required are too high. Projects are often put on hold because of technology or business concerns.

This is because many organisations struggle with coordinating the business and technology required, which is where we step in.

Utilising serverless architecture, we’re able to work with you to provide highly integrated systems which lead to better use of your company’s data and existing system.

Going serverless
To learn more about using serverless in your organisation get in touch.

Since we were founded, we have provided the technological glue for our clients. We link disparate systems, coordinating data between backoffice, apps and third parties.

Serverless technologies allow us to provide this at a fraction of the cost of traditional development, and deliver more value and richer experiences.

Get in touch to find out how serverless technology can help you.