Our Directory Platform

An online service that looks after itself

There are plenty of people and organisations offering local relevant services, and even more people looking for them.

The name of our directory platform is Director.li. It’s a very flexible platform that offers an extensive feature set and can be extended to work with external systems such as CRMs, 3rd party feeds and data. Whether a local directory, a national database of services, or a central storage system for an organisation, Director.li will certainly exceed expectations.

Our experience in building many different types of directory based sites has enabled us to establish what works best and what is essential to organisations who want their data held to be secure, easily managed and always up to date.

Presented as a white label product, Director.li can fulfil even the most demanding of requirements. Bulk input of data ensures rapid on-boarding and enforcing that members of the directory to manage their own data by sending them automated reminders means that all directories built on our platform are always up to date. Our thinking is that for a directory to be useful, the data it holds needs to be reliable. This is why any repeated non-responders to our automated reminders to update details can have their account and therefore listings placed on hold until they confirm their listing is correct.

The benefits of a well kept directory are multifarious. Not only does it help people find what they’re looking for, it also establishes the directory owner as the authority on their subject, increasing their importance both in real and SEO terms.

Search works ok for people looking for larger nationwide businesses but is far from ideal when trying to find the best local individual or smaller organisation. Our directory platform raises the profile of the smaller More recently Director.li has been used across Wales to provide multilingual access to the voluntary sector.

Who should be using Director.li?

Local Councils, National Organisations, Membership Services, Health care providers, Social care providers, Voluntary organisations. Fitness, Schools, Universities, Institutes, Local Newspapers, National Newspapers, Magazines, Contract workforce management, Intranets.

It’s also perfect for partnerships!

Directories of health care, care and other services are often shared and managed by multiple organisations. We’re all set to help you do this on the platform. Partnerships help maintain the quality of their areas of the directory.

What are the benefits?

  • Reward users with relevant results
  • Service providers benefit from a relevant listing
  • Provide better access to the services on offer.
  • Fully managed, kept up to date, minimal management.
  • Great for SEO
  • Promotes you as an authority on the contents of your directory.

Trust built in

  • Organisations and service providers are guided to provide high quality listings
  • We help service providers keep their details up to date – an essential aspect of keeping trust in your users.
  • People are reminded when and how to update their details.
  • Director.li returns fast, relevant results – all relevant info displayed within a single page.
  • Accreditations which automatically expire show users which services have the qualifications to provide the services they are advertising (see accreditations)
  • The visual design is clean, focused and easy to use removing all clutter and confusion for the user.
  • Easily customisable to adhere to brand guidelines.
  • Data is stored in industry standard cloud hosting for security and reliability.

3 simple steps to get on with…

1. Identify scope of directory
Decide on what you want to list, and how you’d like it categorised. Chances are you’ll have an idea of this already.

2. Configure
Sign up for an account, set up the system to work for you. It’s that easy but we help out too.

3. Onboard
Raise awareness, Get the community excited about it. Promote it, get out there. We’ll share examples as to how to facilitate this. With our enterprise package we help with this too.