Oliver's Travels

Why do ordinary?

Our work with Oliver’s Travels has seen them grow from being a two man business into a fully-fledged digital travel company with a team of fifty and offering thousands of properties worldwide.

Award-winning website, custom booking system, all integrated with Salesforce CRM

Our involvement with Oliver’s Travels encompasses all of their digital output, this includes consultancy, design and technical roles.

Oliverstravels.com offers engaging ways in which to browse, compare and shortlist the properties. It is fully responsive and optimised for viewing across all devices.

Our work on the site comprises of three main components, each pretty involved and each requiring a detailed understanding of the users, and their requirements. These being the main site, the members’ site and the booking system.

The build of the website required deep understanding of the industry terminology, standards and the many third party tools we initially integrated with. The result is a seamless experience where the users can browse, compare and shortlist holiday destinations. It’s an immersive experience and before you know it, you’ve wasted a good 15 minutes of your day looking at nice places to go on holiday -but that’s the point right?

Oliver’s VIP club incentivises users to earn points and receive additional discounts on future booking, reviews and referrals. This is all integrated with user accounts.

The booking system models all of the data being presented to users as well as the process of taking on a new rental property, pricing structures and allows for multiple currencies. Additionally the system allows for suppliers to be paid in currencies of their choice and caters for international tax rules.

Analytics cover every aspect of the user journey, these are provided by Salesforce CRM which we have embedded into the system. Email communication with property owners and customers is integrated and automated. Inbound email communication from third parties is integrated directly into the CRM and booking process.

Uptime and performance are monitored obsessively by multiple third party tools. We review performance of the app constantly, ensuring that we scale proactively.

“We have been working with 3ev for five years now and they manage all our web development for both design and functionality across all four of our websites. It’s not an exaggeration to say that they have been absolutely critical to our success.”
Oliver Bell, Founder, Oliver’s Travels