Interreg Europe

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Interreg Europe is the policy learning programme for public authorities within Europe. it is an environment to nurture investment, innovation and implementation, financed by the European Development Fund.

Encouraging collaboration throughout Europe

Our work with Interreg Europe serves as an excellent example of our ability to work remotely from a client, whilst still keeping them up to the minute with detail on a complex development project.

We initially began to work with the team at Interreg in 2013, to assist with some development work on their old programme which expired in 2015. We then went on to work with them to build their new system to encourage collaboration and help promote best practices across four main themes affecting Europe.

The role of the Interreg programme is to organise and set up the collaboration for public sector organisations who would benefit in each other’s participation in projects. They can then apply for funding to enable meetings and knowledge transfer.

There are many parts to the site, event management, complex application forms, document libraries and the ability for all programmes to update their own microsite all under the same roof. Designing a cohesive user experience across the site has depended on our absolute understanding of the programme’s aims and achievements. Several hundred wireframes later the results are remarkably easy to use.

Built using TYPO3 along with our implementation of the Open Source Elastic Search. The site neatly demonstrates much of what Europe does best. Also a pretty good example of what we do best.

Following a lengthy EU tender process we began working on the brand new Interreg Europe website in 2015. The contract has seen us creating a website and networking tools to encourage collaboration amongst public sector authorities within Europe. During 2019 we have been making an interactive overview of the programme with a view to securing its future for years to come.