Funding Wales

Putting the voluntary sector in touch with funding

We have built and maintain the system that connects organisations in Wales with funding from across the UK and the EU.

We built the Funding Wales site following a successful tender process run by Third Sector Support Wales to help charity organisations, community groups and social organisation find funding.

Involving 19 local and regional support bodies across Wales, and the national support body, Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA), the project had to meet the requirements of all of these organisations, and provide up-to-the-minute opportunities carefully researched from funder organisations. The resulting website provides information to WCVA and members on hundreds of funds supporting projects in Wales.

The site leverages Salesforce to manage membership and links these with opportunities. It is almost what goes on in the background that is more impressive than the simple design presented to users. Organisations can register for funding and then their respective funding officer will ensure that they are well prepared and eligible to apply, thereby giving them the support they need.

The site that the end-users see was designed and built to provide quick as possible view of all available funding opportunities and uses Elastic Search to prompt them into making relevant searches. Within the tender process we were also required to provide all of the funding data that exists on the site, for this we teamed up with our partners at Sussex Innovation.

Whilst you can’t get the whole experience unless you’re a registered organisation in Wales, it’s a simple functional site and well worth a look:

An excellent resource for social enterprise with opportunities for generating income to find seed funding.