Exclusive Private Villas

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Exclusive Private Villas (EPV) is the company that offers luxury villas around the world, with a focus on Florida. We built their website and booking engine.

They wanted us to build them a website that presented a straightforward user experience whilst being able to integrate with a fully customisable booking system.

Previously, the EPV site was run on a basic SaaS system that restricted what could be achieved both on the site, and with customers’ data. The solution we built was designed to be flexible to accommodate future requirements, integration and functionality. We built the booking engine and villa management system to integrate with WordPress – which provides a familiar environment for them to edit their standard content, without limiting the site’s performance.

The project was an opportunity for EPV to adopt best practices in design and functionality for their own benefit. We presented our interpretation of what’s best in travel websites in the context of the EPV site. Within the design phase our focus was on simplifying processes for optimal use on all devices.

Clear lines of communication are vital to establishing trust, ensuring that the user always feels that they are where they expected to be. Defining a clear user experience is central to the design process. The simplicity with which we have presented the brand message and path to making a successful booking is key to the success of the site. Page elements that do not contribute to either of these two goals have been pushed back on.

Careful guidance of user decisions have proven vital to increasing bookings, users are presented with easy access to an orchestrated view of the EPV portfolio, being encouraged to explore the available properties on the site in a way that makes them feel that their requirements are understood.

The resultant site presents the EPV portfolio within an engaging, uncluttered and clean interface, letting the properties speak for themselves. What’s more, the booking system allows both site visitors and the back office team have access to realtime availability so the on-hand phone support is seamless.

We set ourselves an ambitious timeline for delivering the project, which went live in June 2019.

The key component that matters with any commerce experience is trust.