Content management

Content management done right can unlock huge potential, allowing new ways of searching, presenting and using your data.

A system that that fits

Content management at scale requires a different set of tools. Most systems require you to fit around the structures and concepts, that can mean compromise. Our CMS solutions work with your content and your business to deliver exactly what is needed. We know how to make everything look great. Be it multitudes of documents, lists of places or events, we have built up the UX and design into a compelling and impressive result which our clients and their users love.

Its best to base any content management decisions on the requirements in front of you, and not on your pre-conceptions. With our experience in working with a multitude of Content Management Systems we are able to audit your content requirements  and advise on the most effective route.


Integration with social networking platforms is common to our projects. This integration can be achieved using the common widgets or using the social network APIs for deeper integration. Similarly, we embed external media in most of our projects either using off-the-shelf embedding from the likes of YouTube or deeper integration with DAM and other asset hosting.

 Search to suit

Powerful search, built around your data and your users. We know what it takes to design the search weighting, indexes alongside the elegant search interfaces so the results is fast, relevant and intuitive.

Don’t compromise structure

Putting your data into a system with the wrong structure limits what you can do. You work around it and never really get to the amazing result you were hoping for. We don’t compromise, because we know this matters.

Do it differently

Large scale content lends itself to new ways of displaying data, new ways of interacting with it. Build maps, charts, representations and journeys through your content so users get more out of it.

Import and export

Data is only useful if it’s in use. This means keeping it moving in and out of your system. We know what it takes to prepare, share and integrate data at scale.

We have worked with many different Enterprise Content Management Systems. Our expertise in TYPO3 goes beyond simply using it. We have contributed, been involved with its development and know the core team allowing us to know the future of the platform. We also consult and collaborate with other major TYPO3 agencies where our expertise helps them. We’re the experts the experts turn to!

TYPO3 is more than a CMS. Inside TYPO3, the Flow framework and Fluid templating system provides us with a development platform for highly complex enterprise applications which need the support of an enterprise CMS. TYPO3 and associated technologies provide us with industry standard software development concepts and tools. This is important as most major projects combine traditional enterprise CMS with modern web application development. To skimp on either side makes the project and the final product suffer.

In this vein, we design the user permissions and workflows around what is most intuitive for the CMS users be they contributors, editors or admins. Fine-grained user permissions, which we combine with a configuration of the CMS which makes the most out of the system for your users.

The process

  • Build a deep understanding of your data, your business and your users
  • Design the system around your users and your team
  • Design beautiful interfaces and representations of your data
  • Prepare for scale, both in infrastructure and user experience